Sage Chicken & Pasta

Sage Chicken and Pasta

Hi I’m Kira Volpi and this is my sage chicken and pasta recipe with frizzled herb sage. It’s the latest in foodie techniques. Flash frying crisp little herb leaves that are just bursting with sage flavor.

I have been on a butter sauce recipe kick lately but this Italian pasta recipe with frizzled sage served over fresh homemade past was off the charts. In true Julia Child spirit… I used real butter.


Then I took my basic pasta dough and made a fettucini pasta shape. The wider noodle was perfect to create a larger surface for the butter sauce to coat the pasta.

Sage Chicken and Pasta Ingredients:

  1. 3 lbs of unsalted butter
  2. 1 lb of homemade pasta
  3. 1 lb of chicken breast cut into ½ inch flat strips
  4. 6 cloves of thinly sliced garlic
  5. ½ cup of white wine
  6. 15 chopped sage leaves
  7. 15 frizzled sage leaves
  8. ¼ cup of olive oil to frizzle the sage
  9. salt and pepper to taste
  10. parmigiano reggiano for serving

How to Frizzle the Sage:

I did this first and set aside while I prepared the rest of the recipe. Take a large sauté pan and heat a layer of olive oil until very hot. Place five of the whole sage leaves at a time into the pan but keep separated so none of the leaves are touching. They cook very quickly so don't add them all at once or you won't be able to remove them fast enough. The sage leaves will curl up and flatten again. You may need to flip them but probably not. When they have frizzled, you can tell by the way they look dried out, remove from the oil and set on a separate plate with a paper towel. Now do the next five leaves until they are all done.

Sage Chicken Cooking Instructions:

Heat ½ stick of butter into the large sauté pan you used to frizzle the sage along with the olive oil remaining in the pan. This oil has the sage leave flavor infused into the oil. It will be fabulous! Sauté the thinly sliced garlic and cook until tender on medium heat.

Toss in the chicken and splash with white wine as needed.

Now is a good time to bring a large pot of water to a boil. If you are using home made pasta it will cook quickly. If not boil the water first. Use my cooking pasta guide to make it perfectly every time.

Back to the sauté pan. Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside.

Add the remaining butter and heat until melted and add the chopped sage to the butter.

The pasta should be done now. Drain the pasta and add directly to the sauté pan with the butter and chopped sage sauce. Return the chicken to the pan and mix with the pasta and butter sauce.

Plate the sage chicken and pasta recipe first and then dress up the plate with the frizzled sage on top. So delicious to look at and almost too good to eat.


Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!
Kira Volpi

Do you have a pasta recipe to share? Just like this sage chicken pasta recipe I will post it right here on this site for a whole page dedicated to your Italian pasta recipe.

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