Dessert Pasta Recipes

Dessert pasta! Who would have thought that Italian pasta recipes could have such a sweet ending. I can't think of a better way to complete a delicious meal!

There are many traditional sweet pastas that date back hundreds of years ago such as Bocconotti. A delicious light pastry like pasta filled with a chocolate filling. A dessert originating in the Abruzzo region and now stretching the length of Italy all the way down to the heel of the boot, an area called Puglia. At least that's what our famous regional cooking icon Ada Boni tells us in her ITALIAN REGIONAL COOKING cookbook. To me these little pasta cakes remind me of the Truli houses you'll see decorating the are of Puglia. Now you can find this delicious dessert filled with creme, fruit filling, chocolate and cinnamon, and nutella. Some sprinkled with confectionery sugar and others painted with a coat of chocolate.

Monte BlancoMonte Bianco or Mont Blanc, is a spaghetti or fettucini pasta shaped mounded high and topped with a chestnut puree and whipped cream. This photo is courtesy of and it looks so delicious I wish I could jump right into this page!

Chocolate pasta, the ultimate dessert pasta, is a confectionery delight I had the pleasure of discovering when I visited Umbria for the yearly Eurochocolate Festival. This recipe created with a strawberry sauce with just the right touch of heat from crushed red pepper. This is my version of the recipe!

Chocolate PastaBut in today's world of artisan cooking you'll find some really creative, beautiful and delectable dessert pastas. Imagine a dessert lasagna. I see visions of creamy marscapone layered amongst delicate fruits and a drizzle of some type of sweet and creamy sauce.

Perhaps an orange pasta made with some deep red blood oranges. Typically found in the colder winter months in the Southern regions of Italy.

Take a simple fluffy ricotta gnocchi recipe and mix in a splash of sugar into the ricotta mixture and you have sweet little pillows that melt in your mouth.

Here's a great idea for a dessert pasta! Make a sweet ravioli filled with a chocolate mint crema.

All of these confectionery creations are yours to enjoy. Serve with a chilled glass of moscato and call it a meal to remember!


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