Italian Soup Recipes

Smelling Mama's Italian soup recipes from down the street as you walked home from school on a cold rainy day. What could be better then that? Although in my case it was Father’s Italian soup I smelled. From his Minestrone soup recipe to his pasta fagioli recipe. They were always warming to the heart and the belly. In Italy, soup is traditionally made to feed large families a healthy and hearty meal. Meat bones, used to add flavor to the soup recipes, were as valuable as gold and it was common for something like a prosciutto bone to be shared amongst the neighborhood to make a prosciutto bone stock recipe.
My Father was relentless when it came to fresh ingredients in all his Italian food recipes and his soups always started with fresh, homemade stock recipes.

Beef Stock Recipe

Chicken Stock Recipe

Vegetable Stock Recipe

Fish Stock Recipe

These were all the beginnings of something wonderful to come. He used every vegetable available and cooked them for several hours to extract as much flavor from them as possible. Then he added just the right combination of spices and herbs to create a delightful medley of flavors.

This is a collection of the masterpieces like Italian wedding soupwhich has nothing to do with a wedding of souls but more of a food for the soul. Made with greens, Ancini de pepe pasta shape, and tiny meatballs. It's a marriage of meat and vegetables in this incredible Italian soup.

Let's not forget stracciatella soup or Italian rag soup. A Roman delight made with egg, broth and fideo pasta. You would probably find this Italian soup served in a meal on Easter Sunday. Or if you want a hearty meal in a soup, that's exactly what you'll find in traditionally thick Tuscan soups typically made with tomatoes, beans, and breads. I love this spinach soup with an Italian soup flare. It's a medley of vegetables in a beef broth and ditalini pasta. Crusty bread is a must with this Italian Spinach soup. How about a Southern favorite? Seafood soup is traditionally called zuppa di pesce and it's very light and flavorful. Seafood is abundant in the South of Italy and the Italians never loose an opportunity to use the freshest local ingredients.

The list of Italian soup recipes is endless. May you find the room in your bellies to try them all.

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!
Kira Volpi

Chicken Fideo soup is a delicate version of an Italian chicken noodle soup.

garbanzo bean soup GARBANZO BEAN SOUP:
Another Deliciously Rich Bean and Pasta Soup. A combination of flavors with a secret ingredient.

Italian Seafood Soup ITALIAN SEAFOOD SOUP:
Positano Seafood soup full of flavors of the Amalfi coast.

Chicken and tomatoes recipe ITALIAN SHRIMP SOUP::
So simple, colorful, and healthy this shrimp and pasta soup will be ready in minutes.

tomato soup with pasta ITALIAN TOMATO SOUP WITH PASTA:
The ultimate in comfort food. Ciabatta grilled cheese is optional!

A healthy and hearty soup. Toss in all the veggies. You can't go wrong.

italian wedding soup ITALIAN WEDDING SOUP RECIPE:
A Volpi family traditional recipe handed down to me from my beloved Father Gian Franco Volpi.

minestrone soup recipe MINESTRONE SOUP RECIPE:
A medley of vegetables and a tradition from my Father’s kitchen to yours! With pesto or without.

Delicious old world food. But to my Father and his 13 siblings, it was dinner.

sausage soup with pasta SAUSAGE SOUP WITH PASTA:
Rich and brothy tomato and bean. All that's missing is a big spoon and you.

creamy chicken and sage past” SPINACH AND PASTA SOUP::
Filled with the flavors of fresh spinach and the hills of Italy!

A Roman Easter delight with little rags of flavor. My favorite out of these Italian Soup Recipes.

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