Kira Volpi's Collection of Italian Pasta Recipes

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Mouth watering Italian pasta recipes created by Italians. Hello, my name is Kira Volpi and I’ve created this collection of delicious pasta recipes from my years of experience as a self taught chef of Italian food. My passion for Italian food was inspired by my Father, Gian Franco Volpi, who was born and raised in Milano, Italy along with his thirteen brothers and sisters (YES 13 brothers and sisters!). The Volpi’s back in the mother land of Italy still talk about Father’s cooking to this day. I Love you Dad!

Along with my Father’s inspiration behind my cooking came his passion for travel. My travels in Italy while I lived in Rome allowed me to experience first hand the beauty of the country and how it reflects in the food that is given so much time and care in preparing. Each region offering a different layer to the traditional magic and old time traditional culinary creations of Italian pasta recipes.

My Father loved to see people eat, enjoy life, and laugh and food was at the center of all wonderful things,

That's the traditional Italian way. And traditional Italian recipes are based on fresh, quality ingredients from the region from which it’s being prepared. That is exactly what you'll find here. Fresh pasta and pasta toolswe as a family experienced. When we had guests for dinner it would begin at 3pm and we all laughed, talked and eat our way through the day and well into the evening. Only the best olive oil and Italian cheeses. Only the ripest and sweetest San Marzano tomatoes are used to bring bursts of flavor to your tomato sauce recipes. That is rule number one! My canned tomato comparison can help you choose a brand that will make your tomato sauce recipe go from good to fabuloso!

Alfredo pasta recipeMaking a homemade pasta recipe is a birth right. I'll show you how to make a basic pasta dough with step by step instructions and pictures. A fresh basil or a spinach pasta can add great color and amazing flavor to any one of your pasta recipes. Once you've tried it you'll see how easy it is and what a difference fresh food makes. As any Italian will say, Pasta is fundamental!

Even if you use dried pasta I'll show you which different types of pasta or brands are the best as well as how easy cooking pasta perfectly is. You'll have al dente (to the tooth) pasta every time!

Also hidden in this treasure box of Italian pasta recipes is the original Alfredo sauce recipe made from Alfredo himself.Pasta puttanescaDid you know there really was a man named Alfredo? He lived in Rome and this pasta dish was inspired by his love for his wife. Read all about him in the history of pasta along with other interesting facts about pasta!

For instance what is the real story behind pasta puttanesca? There's many an old Italian wives tale about how this salty, bold mixture of flavors got it's name.

pasta shapes A-ZHoly Macaroni what's a Gnocchi? Did you know that there are over FOUR HUNDRED shapes of pasta? You can see many of them here with names, pictures and even a few pasta recipe ideas for each type of pasta.

From easy Lasagna recipes to heart and belly warming Italian soup recipes I share the best of them all right here. All made with love by Italians.

Great Italian pasta recipes are all a part of the good things in life and I hope my recipes are included in many of your cherished times around the table.

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!
Kira Volpi

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