Lemon Pasta Recipe

Kira Volpi’s (that’s me) lemon pasta recipe has got to be the most flavorful pasta dough recipe ever! I think it's the essential oils of the freshly grated lemon zest that really make this homemade pasta so incredible. It was almost as fun making it as it was eating it.


Starting with my how to make pasta page to get the process of making a basic pasta dough then adding the lemon zest and juice and you've created the beginnings of something really special.

Lemon Pasta Recipe Ingredients:


  1. 1½ cups of all purpose flour
  2. ¼ cup of semolina flour, sifted (You can increase the all purpose flour if you don't have semolina flour)
  3. 1 tsp salt
  4. The juice of 2 lemons without seeds
  5. 2 eggs
  6. the zest of half a lemon

I suggest you zest one of the lemons you plan to juice before you juice it.


Just like you would any pasta dough you begin by mixing the two different flours and salt together and form a pile in the center of a cutting board or flat marble or granite counter top.

Mix all the wet ingredients together.

Form a well in the center of the pile of flour. Now pour the wet mixture in the center of that well.

Take a fork and slowly begin mixing the flour and the wet mixture together until it becomes a blob (yes a blob) you can dig your hands into. I like to keep extra flour and water handy to add as needed or in tho case you can use extra lemon juice. You can sprinkle flour over the dough and knead it in or if it needs water, poke a dent in the pasta dough and drizzle some water in then start kneading.

You must knead the basic pasta dough for at least 10-15 minutes. The more the better. It really makes the dough more manageable and gives it a more tender texture. This is a very important step.

When you've completed the kneading place in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap or put in a plastic bag if you're going to store in the refrigerator or on the counter. It has to sit or rest for at least an hour.

If you do put it in the refrigerator take it out about an hour prior to cutting or shaping your pasta. I cut this into fettucini and I used this lemon pasta recipe to make a lemon and shrimp pasta with capers!

But pasta is not just for dinner anymore and there are plenty of flavored pasta recipes to choose from. chocolate pasta with spicy strawberry's and fresh whipped cream for instance. Just saying it will put you in a state of decadence.

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!
Kira Volpi

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