Kamut pasta

Kamut pasta is made from the whole grain wheat Kamut, Egyptian wheat. This type of grain has a natural buttery and nutty flavor that reflects in the flavor of the pasta. In addition to the average size of the Kamut whole grain being much larger then whole wheat the protein values of Kamut are twenty to forty percent higher as well which is an added benefit to the delicious flavor. It also contains higher values of lipids, amino acids, vitamin and minerals and is easier on the digestive system.

Kamut in fieldAll pasta made with Kamut is organic pasta because it is never hybridized for genetically modified and most farmers of this wheat brand naturally grow their crops in the fields of Africa with lots of pride but without any poisonous pesticides.

This is all good stuff for the body.

Kamut is also a registered trade mark. The manufacturer of the actual wheat type called Khorasan was thought to be the traditional wheat of King Tut. But aside from the history of this pasta it just tastes really good and it's really good for you.

Where do you buy Kamut Pasta?

Purchasing anything today have put the world at our finger tips thanks to the resources available to us via the internet. There are stores on line where you can find any alternative grain pastas including Kamut grain pasta.

There is also your local specialty store and perhaps a gourmet Italian market that may carry pasta made with Kamut. I know that De Cecco used to produce it but they discontinued it. I think perhaps it wasn't cost effective with the abundance of durum wheat available to them in Italy. That particular brand was very, very good though.

You can also try a Whole Foods Market. They carry everything and if they don't they might even order it for you if you ask.

I bought several boxes of pasta made with Kamut on Ebay. In fact I bought a bunch of the De Cecco brands last run. Ebay is always a great source for finding anything that's hard to to find.

Follow the basic guidelines for cooking pasta. Make sure it's al dente. The way all pasta should be eaten. After draining your pasta you can drizzle with olive oil but try it without so you can taste the natural flavors. I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised with the nutty flavor and you just may end up eating it just like that.

Try using a light Italian pasta sauce recipe is great for this alternative grain pasta. Allowing it's naturally delicious flavor to come out in your Italian Pasta recipe. Try your Kamut Pasta with a "NO CREAM" creamy zucchini sauce. It is a healthy pasta recipe to remember!

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!
Kira Volpi

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