Fresh tomato sauce recipe

Tomato Sauce Recipe

Kira Volpi’s Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe begins with plump, sweet, ripe tomatoes. No cooking involved. Just a lot of love and a big appetite. Buon Apetito!

It begins with the red, plump, ripe, sweet and juicy tomatoes. This NO COOK easy pasta sauce is the perfect beginning to a summer evening meal and it takes less then 10 minutes to make. Pasta and all!

The aromas spring to life when you add the hot pasta to this fresh tomato sauce and you don't even have to use a food processor. You can do it the traditional way with freshly chopped tomatoes. Either way you make it, if your lucky enough to have access to fresh San Marzano tomatoes they are the best and the sweetest in the world.

This is a 3 part recipe.

  1. Is peeling the tomatoes.
  2. Blending the ingredients.
  3. Cooking the Pasta.

Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe Ingredients:

  1. 1 lb of cappellini pasta (angel hair pasta)
  2. 10 ripe plum or 5 regular tomatoes peeled
  3. 5 fresh basil leaves
  4. 2 cloves of fresh garlic
  5. 1 tbsp Kosher Salt
  6. ¼ cup of Olive Oil
  7. 4 sprigs, leaves only, of Italian parsley
  8. crushed red pepper is optional (southern italian style)

Peeling The Tomatoes:

Begin by peeling the tomatoes.

Core the tomato Peel the tomato

Remove the core or stem portion of the tomato. Angle the tip of the knife so you don't cut into the meat of the tomato but just remove the area where the stem attached. In other words don't core it like you would an apple.

Then with a very sharp knife skin the tomato as closely as possible. This is much easier the ripper the tomato. Try to keep as much of the meat of the tomato as possible.

Squeeze the tomato

The seeds are considered the most bitter of the tomato. So take the tomato and cut the top off. Put it in the food processor or leave it on the cutting board if you are chopping the tomatoes by hand. Then squeeze the tomato over a bowl or the sink to get as many of the seeds out as possible.

That's step one!

Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe Preparation:

Squeeze the tomato “fresh

Place all of the ingredients, EXCEPT THE OLIVE OIL, into the blender of food processor. Pulse until the mixture is smooth but not liquified. You need a little texture to this tomato sauce recipe.

After you get it to the right consistency you can drizzle the olive oil into the mixture. You can either stir it by hand or pulse a few times in the food processor. If you blend it too much it will make the tomato sauce recipe cloudy and that isn't the texture you want.

Cooking Pasta:

Now for step three. It's almost dinner time. Because I use angel hair or cappellini pasta I suggest you don't put the pasta in boiling water until after you've made the Fresh Tomato Sauce. Angel hair pasta cooks so quickly and you want it al dente. You can use this link to Cooking pasta guide so it will come out perfectly every time.


Boil the water and add the pasta. If you are making Angel Hair pasta I suggest you don't even walk away from the pot. It takes only a few minutes because it's so thin and you definitely want the pasta cooked al dente or to the tooth.

When it's done, drain, place in a bowl and pour this easy pasta sauce right on top of the hot pasta. Smell the garlic and basil! Delicioso!

Be sure to check out my Canned Tomatoes Comparison to use the best quality canned tomatoes so your can make the best sauce ever.

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!
Kira Volpi

Do you have a pasta recipe to share? Just like this fresh tomato sauce recipe I will post it right here on this site for a whole page dedicated to your Italian pasta recipe.

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