Still searching

by Nick
(Staten Island, NY)

My mother uses the Tuttorosso that you rated so poorly. I think they are much better than you rated.

I agree with Nina. To me they are just tasteless.

I like Cento but it tastes almost like it has a commercialized sweetness to it.

Liked La Valle a lot.

I think I like Scalfani but I used Redpack paste for the 1st time with it and that paste is super thick so I have to give it another shot.

Love to hear your take on paste.

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Nov 20, 2013
about canned tomatoes for Italian sauces
by: Ciaotebaldi

What I've discovered is they are all inconsistent. I have tried Hunts, cento, red pack, real San Marzano (with dop and the other seal) canned tomatoes and probably a bunch I can't remember. At one point, red pack won. Others like Hunts were "in the hunt! but every once in a while, my sauce came out drab tasting. I started tasting the tomatoes before I made the sauce. If I found one that didn't taste good enough, I'd use it for salsa or freeze it. Most of the time I threw it out. The above tomatoes were all consistent for a time. Good years for tomatoes may be the same as wine grapes. The true San Marzano elongated tomato even on a bad day, doesn't make a bad sauce. Look for the labels though. Don't buy crushed or the round. I'm not saying their bad, but the elongated appear to be most consistent to me up to now. Hey, It costs a lot for a good sauce. Use the best you can afford. Good food is always appreciated. From now on, when I get a canned tomato that doesn't taste right, I'm bringing it back.

Nov 16, 2013
seasonal differences & sugar
by: Anonymous

I find canned tomatoes of the same brand differ from
season to season. Some years they have great ripe tomato flavor and sweetness while other years they taste like the can they are packed in. Why don't tomato packers add sweeteners (sugar, HFCS) to bring the sweetness up to a consistent level? I'm sure the DOP does not allow this but maybe they should. Is there a downside to this?

Nov 15, 2013
Thanks for your input
by: Kira Volpi

I really should give tuttorosso another try as I have had a few people contradict my ranking. I promise I will!

Regarding the Red Pack tomato paste, unfortunately I don't rate any tomato paste here, just canned tomatoes.

But thank you so much for your input Nick and please let me know if you run across any brands you like so we can share them here for others to try!

Kira Volpi

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