by Jerry

Does anyone use Stanislaus tomato products? They are the best California tomatoes I've ever had but I've only seen them available in food service
in #10 cans. They are tomato "strips" or Filleto di Pomoadoro as they call them. Their yield is superior to whole tomatoes because you don't get all the water(juice) inside the tomato. Anyone familiar with this brand? Also, where are they available in retail stores?

Whenever I see a new brand of tomatoes I buy a can but sadly they mostly disappoint me. My "Holy Grail" of canned tomatoes are #10 cans of tomatoes I bought in the early 1980's when I was a chef. The were Israeli. Sweet as candy, nice texture & dirt cheap. I bought pallets of them from a guy who just walked into my restaurant one day, but then they were gone. Have you ever seen canned tomatoes from Israel?

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