Stanislaus Alta Cucina and Valoroso

(Delran, New Jersey)

The best canned tomatoes available that I have found are both the Alto Cucina and the Valoroso products. I believe those products to be the best, most consistent and reliable canned tomatoes available in food service. Forget the imports. You never know what you will get it the can. I'll bet that half of what is labeled as San Marzano is not.

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Mar 02, 2012
I'm afraid you would loose that bet
by: Kira Volpi

Having lived in Italy, and if you took the time to read what I wrote about how San Marzano tomatoes are regulated, I can tell you that if the product says it's San Marzano, then it is in fact San Marzano.

There are many things that Italians don't compromise on and being at the very top of that list is "FOOD".

I have not rated these tomatoes yet and I am not saying they are not good as well but your comment about the authenticity of the people who grow and can the best tomato in the world was way out of line and unsubstantiated.

Thank you for your comment but I disagree.

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