San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes are known as the sweetest and the best in the world and agree wholeheartedly. I've had the pleasure of eating these babies fresh when I lived in Italy and if you think these variety of tomato is sweet and delicious in a can you can only imagine how amazing they taste when they are prepared fresh. The meat was so soft that they were practically sauce right off the vine.

The sweetness explodes in your mouth.

Although they are not the type of tomato you plop in your mouth as you pick them fresh, when stewed there is no better tomato flavor. They outer skin and dense consistency of the meat along with minimum amount of seeds make them the prime tomato for sauces and stewing.

A true San Marzanos comes from the commune of San Marzano in Italy. The breed is an heirloom and just because you grow this breed of tomato yourself doesn't guarantee it's quality.

Just like Champagne isn't Champagne unless it comes from the town of Champagne, France, San Marzano tomatoes are unique to that area. That rich soil that is responsible for making them so sweet is what separates them from one of the 600 different varieties of heirloom tomato. The volcanic ash that permeates the air and the earth dating back to the great explosion of Pompei is the secret to their lush flavor.

Now that you know the technical difference between the San Marzano tomato and Plum tomatoes AKA Italian plum tomatoes you must taste the flavor differences.

I've done my fair share of sampling many brands of canned San Marzano's as you'll see in my canned tomato comparison, there is no real way to describe the flavor until you taste them yourself.

And there are so many brands to try.

Some that are D.O.P. certified and some that aren't and if there is one thing that Italians take very seriously it's their food so look for the seal of approval. Consider it a guarantee that what you're buying is the real thing.

I truly believe that San Marzano tomatoes are a must in making all your tomato sauce recipes. It's the main ingredient so make it the best!

It's worth the extra couple of bucks and so are you.

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
To Live, To Love, To Laugh and To Eat Well!
Kira Volpi



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