Roma Tomato

The Roma tomato or sometimes more commonly known as the Italian plum tomato are the tomato mostly used in tomato sauce recipes.

This breed of tomato tends to have more meat then other varieties of plum tomato and has a lower water content making the meat a little more dense. In addition they contain less seeds then most variety tomato the appeal to foodie's across the world as the ideal tomato for tomato sauces, stews, canned tomatoes and even the tomato of choice for sun dried tomatoes.

You'll find this pair shaped tomato in deep red as well as yellow, orange and purple shades. The size is typically two to three inches in length. They weigh two to four ounces each, depending on the variety and there are about 36 varieties of this type of tomato alone based on

Here are the varieties of Roma Tomato:

  1. Alla Roma
  2. Amish Market Roma
  3. CalRoma Hybrid
  4. Cherry Roma tomato
  5. Golden Roma
  6. Jumbo Roma
  7. Kelsey Yellow Roma
  8. La Roma
  9. La Roma II Hybrid
  10. Martino's Roma
  11. Missouri Roma
  12. Northern Roma
  13. Nova Roma
  14. Orange Roma
  15. Pink Roma
  16. Phil Tolli's Roma
  17. Plum Dandy Roma
  18. Rio Grande Roma
  19. Roma OG
  20. Roma Gigante
  21. Roma Long
  22. Roma Macero
  23. Roma Napoli
  24. Roma Paste
  25. Roma Puree
  26. Roma Rhoda
  27. Roma Ukrainian
  28. Roma VF
  29. Romalina Hybrid
  30. Russia Big Roma
  31. Speckled Roman
  32. Striped Roma
  33. Super Roma
  34. Sweet Orange Roma
  35. Viva Italia Roma Hybrid
  36. Window Box Roma
  37. Yellow Roma
The La Roma and Roma Napoli are the varieties we depend on for canning, making sauce, and yes even ketchup.

There are some really great brands of canned tomato that can easily give a canned San Marzano tomato a run for their money and for half the price. See my canned tomato comparison for a quick guide on how to choose the best canned Roma tomato.



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