Pastene Whole Peeled Tomatoes Imported from Italy

by Renee
(Pepperell, MA)

I am surprised that you did not rate Pastene, as they have good quality products.

The most important thing regarding quality is to always buy the Imported Italian tomatoes (not the ones packed in the United States) because the quality of the tomato is better, and it's obvious that they have been ripened prior to canning so are more flavorful and tender. Also whole peeled tomatoes yield a nice sweet marinara sauce (no sugar added Please!) with beautiful fresh tomato taste as opposed to crushed, or otherwise more processed tomatoes.

I have used both the Pastene San Marizano tomatoes as well as the Pastene (regular) Italian plum whole peeled tomato for my marinara sauce and I find that the regular Italian Plum is very close in quality to the San Marizano without the high price.

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