Dei Fratelli

by Sam
(Maryville, Tennesee)

In my opinion, of the ones you've listed above, this brand smokes them all. No added citric acid, and a clean wonderful taste and this is so with their sauce as well. I use the low sodium, not because of any health concerns, but to allow me to add my own salts such an alder wood smoked salt, black Hawaiian and Himalayan pink. One 1/16th tsp. of each per can. You can't equal the taste this gives the canned tomatoes.

I was purchasing them from Meijers in Ohio but can't find them here in Tennessee. So I will buy them on amazon in for the meantime.

Also one important note: The everything natural society is cautioning us not to buy canned tomatoes, tomato sauces or other tomato products in a can due to the fact that the plastic coating used on the insides of cans has harmful chemicals. The chemicals are leaking out into the tomato product and are very harmful. They advise you to use only fresh or glass jarred tomato products instead. So I am looking into that as well. I don't know any canned tomato suppliers that have their canned goods available in glass as well. Do you?

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