Buffalo Meat Lasagna

buffalo meat lasagna

I made this buffalo meat lasagna on a trip out to on a recent ski trip to Park City, Utah. I was invited to a super bowl party and was asked to make a casserole for the party. Casserole? What's that? Oh, it's American for Lasagna. Well, kind of. I suggested a meat lasagna and my host just loved the idea. "How about Buffalo Meat" she said. Wow! Great idea. I've never tried a lasagna recipe with Buffalo meat and buffalo meat has a unique flavor and is naturally low in fat. This is gonna be good!

I started to put together the ingredients in my head and Arrivadierchi, I was out the door to the local gourmet specialty store. I picked up…

Buffalo Meat Lasagne Ingredients:

  1. 3 lbs freshly ground buffalo chuck roast. (buy it whole and have them ground it fresh for you)
  2. 3 cups good quality ricotta cheese
  3. 6 balls of buffalo mozzarella
  4. 3 large eggplant
  5. 1 white onion chopped
  6. 24oz shredded parmigiano cheese
  7. 2 lb porto bella mushrooms or baby bellas
  8. 6 cloves garlic
  9. 1/2 cup Red Wine
  10. Olive oil to keep handy for use throughout the recipe
  11. Vegetable, or high heat oil, to fry the eggplant
  12. 2 to 3 quarts of my marinara sauce
  13. Salt and Peper to taste

Buffalo Meat Lasagne Instructions:

This is my first lasagna recipe that I’m posting on this site so I might over due it a little on the instructions. Sorry…

Step One:
Boil water and Salt Add lasagna noodles and cook al dente. Continue with other steps but when these are done you are going to take them out of the water and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process. Super important step. Then drizzle with some olive oil and set in a pan or on a baking sheet till you are ready to layer your lasagna.

Step Two:
Begin heating the marinara sauce on a low simmer until you are ready to use it in the layers.

Step Three:
Thinly slice Eggplant about 1/2 inch thick slices and sprinkle with salt on both sides and let sit on a baking sheet, layered with another baking sheet on top of the eggplant, with a heavy pot of water on top to press the eggplant. This makes the Eggplant sweat and eliminates a lot of water. It makes a better fried eggplant.

Chop Porto Bello Mushrooms into 1 inch slices. Slice the buffalo mozzarella in 1/4 inch slices (Don't cheat and use the regular mozzarella in a block!). Set aside all this prep stuff.

Step Three:
Slice and sauté for of the remaining garlic cloves and onion in a separate sauté pan until translucent occasionally splashing with red wine. Then add the porto bello mushrooms until browned then add the buffalo meat and oregano, salt and pepper. Cook until mostly all the liquid has steamed off. Set aside.

Step Four:
Heat 3 cups olive oil in a pan at high heat. When very hot add the sliced eggplant but only enough to layer on the pan. Don’t stack the eggplant. When those are done to a golden brown on both sides remove and set on a paper towel and add the next batch. Set aside

Step Five:
Make the beciamella sauce. This creamy delicious sauce is going to go right on top of your buffalo meat lasagna. For a big lasagna like this buffalo meat lasagna I suggest doubling the amount in the recipe.

Step Six:
Remove the marinara sauce recipe from the heat.

Now that you have all your ingredients together and prepped it’s time to start layering.
  1. Lasagna noodles. Cover the bottom of the pan with the lasagna noodles
  2. Place the eggplant on top of the lasagna noodles in one layer. Now top the eggplant with the buffalo meat and drizzle with marinara sauce
  3. Layer with lasagna noodles
  4. ricotta cheese
  5. lasagna noodles
  6. eggplant topped with buffalo meat and drizzled with marinara sauce
  7. lasagna noodles
  8. bufalo mozzarella drizzle with tomato sauce and top with parmigiano
  9. Lasagna Noodles
  10. Eggplant topped with buffalo meat and drizzled with marinara sauce
  11. Lasagna noodles
  12. Top with beciamella sauce
This will create a 6 layer buffalo meat lasagna tower of deliciousness!

Preheat the oven to 350 and place the buffalo lasagna in the oven for at least 1 hour but you should see it bubble from the sides. That will tell you that it's ready. Allow the lasagna to rest for 20 minutes before serving and then…

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!
Kira Volpi

Do you have a pasta recipe to share? Just like this buffalo meat lasagna I will post it right here on this site for a whole page dedicated to your Italian pasta recipe.

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