A few more to recommend...

by Noah

First, thanks for taking the effort to post this - seems like I am on a never ending quest to find "the one." I completely agree with most of your rankings, though did not find the Sclafani to be as favorable and the Strianese were very disappointing given the price I had to pay for them - I may have received older cans, because there was barely a single intact tomato in the cans and they were very watery. Cento never fails - definitely a trusty brand. Just received Coluccio San Marzano - they were terrible, I had to throw out the pizza I made - way too much citric acid - tasted like lemon pizza - blah. I still have four cans I need to donate...

I will offer a few of my favorite alternatives below:

Delallo Imported Italian - in the blue can - never had a disappointing one; packed in a nice rich heavy juice, they deliver every time. Did not like the Delallo San Marzano can as much though, it was mediocre.

Lucini Whole Peeled Heirloom - these are in glass jar (BPA free), in a very thick puree, and have amazing flavor. They are very expensive though - definitely a special occasion jar, but in my mind, worth it.

Jovial Whole Peeled - imported Italian. Recently found these glass jar tomatoes (BPA free) online. Packed in nice thick juice, they are really good. Not as good as Lucini, but a little cheaper.

Thanks again!

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