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Lastest Italian Pasta Recipes

Caprese Pasta Salad

To start off our spring I made a light and refreshing Caprese Pasta Salad made with fresh, tiny bites of luscious mozzarella, fresh basil and juicy, red tomatoes. So light and easy to make and nothing says spring like a bunch of green, crisp basil. A Rotelli pasta shape is perfect a pasta salad. Not only is it decorative but I love the way the spirals grab and tuck away every inch of flavor. Delicioso!

Tomato Alfredo Sauce

This Tomato Alfredo sauce recipe has a blend of two favorites. A creamy Alfredo mixed with the freshness of a sweet Marinara sauce recipe. A nice way to slowly bring in the spring. That is if you're not quite ready to give up on the Winter weather. I know I am!

My latest Gourmet Cookbook

I was living in when I went to visit my friends Andrea and Rachel who lived in Florence. They took me to a fabulous restaurant called Garga in the center of Firenze (Florence). The ambiance eclectic and unique, the crowd was fun and exciting, but the food… To Die For! The Gargani Family has owned this restaurant for many years and Sharon Gargani wrote a charming Italian cookbook about her life in Italy, raising her family and recipes that corresponded with pivotal times in her life. Once Upon a Tuscan Table is a must have for any Italian chef.

Here you'll find creative Italian traditions you'll almost never find in an Italian restaurant outside of Italy such as:

  • Tagliateli with citrus sauce.
  • Meat balls with scoundrel sauce
  • Spaghetti with black cabbage
  • and
  • Fettucini with raw artichokes

To name a few. You'll love her stories about her family and her rendezvous to Italy that turned into a life time.

Quality Pasta Products

Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta

Here's a great quality pasta to use for all your Italian pasta recipes.


They use only the finest durum wheat and made with a bronze dye to give it that porous texture that we are always looking for. I've been using this brand of pasta for years and it's GREAT! It's definitely in my top 10 pasta brands.

If I'm not making it fresh that is!

And now when you shop at Pastacheese.com you'll get to take advantage of their Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta Sale.

Best Pasta Restaurants

If you ever make it down to Delray Beach Florida you'll find yourself in the middle of an oasis full of dining pleasures lining the main street of Atlantic Ave. South Florida's latest place to be and be seen.

Nestled in the heart of Atlantic Ave is Tramonti's Restaurant. A sister establishment to one of the most popular Italian restaurants in New York city. The world famous Angelo's of Mulberry street.

They have one of the best Calabrese style meatball recipes I've ever had. The tender sweet raisins and delicious blend of meats. These babies melt in your mouth.

The homemade ravioli. TO DIE FOR.

So my fellow Pasta Foodies, this concludes my first issue of my monthly newsletter. Thank you for all the great emails and for signing up and remember…

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
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