6 in 1!!!!!!!

by Allen P

6 in 1 crushed tomatoes is hands down the best tomato product on the market! It is excellent right out of the can, and can be used as a pizza sauce as is.

These tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness and have no added citric acid.

I first became aware of these tomatoes when I finally asked the owner of a Sicilian restaurant the secret of his excellent sauce. He shocked me and actually told me the brand. The first time I tried making a sauce with it I was somewhat disappointed, since it was good but not on a level with what he served.

After a little experimenting, I realized that the secret of working with this product is to cook it for a shorter time than others. Eight to fifteen minutes is the range I've found works best.

My sauce involves sweating less than half an onion in olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and a small amount of unrefined sugar (1-2 tsp), with a little fresh oregano added for the last few minutes of cooking.


These tomatoes are available in upscale grocery and specialty food stores, look for the yellow label. They can also be had online for about $2.25 - $3 for a 28oz. can.

San Marzano's, watch out! 6 in 1 is the only perfect 10 out there!

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Sep 07, 2012
I agree.

Learned about 6N1 at a pizza forum and never looked back. Probably the best tasting I have had. Wish I could get a whole peeled version, but I usually crush them anyway. I will have to experiment with Stanislaus brand as suggested. Thanks.

May 10, 2012
Escalon & Stanislaus are great California tomatoes
by: Anonymous

Escalon packs great California tomatoes. They and their chief rival Stanislaus are the dominant brands used in the New York City Italian restaurant community both for sauce/gravy & for pizza topping.

I don't think either company does much in retail. I am able to buy Stanislaus from Restaurant Depot in #10 cans. I like their Tomato Magic product which is their counterpart to Escalon's 6 in 1.

Escalon makes a big deal about not adding citric acid but I don't taste a difference in these ground tomato products. Maybe it is more evident in the whole peeled.

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